Danish Brotherhood Lodge #14 Fraternal Organization & Banquet Hall
Danish Brotherhood Lodge #14 2206 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143(262) 657-9781
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CONDUCT Location :  2206 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143 Dates: 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Times: Doors and bar opens at 5:30 pm. Bingo card sales begin at 6:00 pm. Bingo card sales are only conducted prior to the first ball called and during the first two intermissions. First Ball is called at 6:45 pm. *All times are subject to change without notice. Doors will open earlier if the weather necessitates a change in time. ABOUT This is not your grandmother’s bingo! This a very sociable bingo night. We enjoy good conversation and drinks. (Please no swearing!) We shout for O69! Come on in and enjoy the fun! ADMITTANCE Entrance procedures have changed as a result of the pandemic. Capacity is limited to 150 people for the time being. The event is first come, first serve. However, exceptions may be granted to 500 club members, volunteer reservations (limit of 4 reservations per volunteer), and “VIP” raffle winners. Please practice social distancing. Masks are not required but strongly encouraged. Masks will be available for purchase. Temperatures may be taken at the door in order to gain entry to our event. If temperatures are taken any individual with a temperature in excess of 100.4 degrees will be denied entry. Please practice social distancing. Additional sanitation measures have been taken prior to the event to better ensure the safety of our guests. All COVID-19 mitigation procedures are practiced at the discretion of the organization and subject to change without notice. Mitigation procedures are dependant on adequate volunteer staffing. All individuals (regardless of age or whether they’re playing or not) will be charged $20.00 at the door to gain entrance to bingo. The $20.00 payment will include all of the games. At the time of payment each individual will receive a pair of tickets that will be exchanged in the hall for all of the games. Please keep the side that says “KEEP THIS TICKET” (or similarly worded) for the included attendance prize. Additional cards can be purchased upstairs. All individuals in attendance are automatically entered into hot ball. Every individual in attendance will automatically be entered into an attendance prize of $20.00 for that night. INFORMATION # of Games: 13 Games (Patterns change each session.) $18.00 includes all 13 games. 1-11 - Regular games. (3-Face Card) o (1) 3-Face pack of the first 11 games is $11.00. 12 - Mini-Jackpot (6-Face Yellow Card) o (1) 6-Face card is $2.00. 13 - Progressive (6-Face Blue Card) o Minimum $500 payout or previous rollover plus 50% of receipts if won within the specified number of balls. Otherwise, a $100 consolation prize is awarded. o (1) 6-Face card is $5.00. *All games, prices, and payouts are subject to change. PRIZES Games 1-11: 50 players or less: $50.00 51 to 100 players: $65.00 101 to 150 players: $80.00 Game 12: 75 players or less: $200.00 76 to 150 players: $250.00 Game 13: 50% of receipts taken in (including rollover.) Regardless of attendance. Hot Ball: A number is drawn prior to the first game. The number drawn is the hot ball for the night. A player wins the hot ball pot when the hot ball is also the last ball called in a winning arrangement. The hot ball can be won during any game during the session. The hot ball pot is paid out at the end of the night. In the event of multiple winners during a single session the pot is split equally. The hot ball jackpot is a minimum of $500 and increases with each successive session that lacks a winner. ATTENDANCE As the progressive and hot ball payouts increase attendance increases. We may fill up quickly and cannot guarantee entry. We apologize in advance as the vast majority of volunteers come directly from work and we cannot post a timely notice to social media. FOOD Food is available for purchase. The menu changes with each session. Pizzas are also available for purchase. RAFFLES 60/40 Cash, Artwork, and “VIP” raffles are conducted during each session. CARRY-INS In order to limit potentially contaminated surfaces revisions have been made to carry-ins. Beverage and food carry-ins are not permitted at this time due to the pandemic. Although food and beverage carry-ins are not permitted we will allow players to bring in their daubers and bingo good luck charms. (Any individual bringing in their own beverages will be removed from the event without refund.) CHILDREN Children are allowed to attend but parents must purchase a set for each child in attendance. UPCOMING The number of games and prices are to be increased or decreased in the coming months. Please be aware. Any official changes will be posted to Facebook prior to the upcoming session in which the changes will take effect. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Cards may not be cut into individual faces. Cut sets are deemed invalid. WAIVER All individuals entering our facility

Regular Bingo Sessions (COVID-19 Revisions)